Saturday, June 20, 2009

World Humanist Day - June 21st, 2009


There is but one divinity:
the living Cosmos.

All is full of all
All is immanence,
all is incandescence.

This Being has no name,
It has no source, nor aim.
Other than its own continuance,
its own delight,
what cause, what purpose,
could be needed?

Who moved the cosmos?
It was its own prime mover
as a dancer breaks into motion
out of pure exuberance.

Aeons are its playground.
Ceaseless in change, it rests
in endless peace.

Who organized the cosmos?
Its own self.
fireflies synchronize
the radiance of their desire.

Don't look for a soul in the cosmos.
inside a roaring flame you will find
neither a warm heart nor a vengeful one.

Conceive no god
in the image of man.
Instead conceive humanity
in the mould of the cosmos.

See in your self
no self, but only

You need no imagination
to envisage divinity
only sensation.

You need no prophet
to point to the invisible.
You need no faith
to believe the unbelievable,
only science and sense.

Don't close your eyes to see God:
open them.
Don't look in a book to find God:
look around you.
Don't wait for death to find justice:
seek justice now.

Hold fast to the mountain face
of What Is.
Depart from the given,
and you depart from the divine.
Faith in phantasms
is idolatry.

There is no heaven in the beyond:
heaven is here and now.
There is no hell beneath.
Hell is separation from here and now.

This present world
is not an exile:
it is the homeland.

It is not a pathway:
it is the destination.

It is not a question:
it is the answer.