Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All Around The World Expo

Better late than never right? Last month the boys went on their annual 'All Around the World Expo' with their homeschooling friends in Guelph. They worked very hard on preparing their project which was the Country of Chad. They chose this country to learn more of a place that they hadn't heard of before and give the same opportunity to all of our visitors throughout the day. It was an added bonus that the name is the same as, well you know who ☻.

(This is the boys country of Chad)

Every family was to prepare a project on their country of choice and have a food and a passport stamp from that country for visitors to try. Passports were made up for each traveller (or child) and stamps were placed on the passports before leaving each country they went to visit.

The boys created an amazing display for their country after collected loads of information. They made mud huts to show what Chadians live in and we made banana date squares for our visitors to try while visiting.

Everybody did such an amazing job on their countries! I was impressed on how well most of the children did on presenting their country and answering the many questions asked.
Cole and Chad did a fantastic job answering all of the questions asked and kept their visitors very well entertained during their visit.
We are all looking forward to next years expo and will have to put in some good thought for our next country. TBA.


Doris said...

Way to go Chad and Cole! You clearly worked very hard to produce this masterpiece. I love the colourful display and animal drawings. Next to that I love your ties- very handsome. I can't wait to see what you come up with in 2010. Also, congrats to your coach, whoever that may be.