Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First TIme Blogger

Yes this is my first time blogging, not too sure how to start but we'll see if I can manage.

I will eventually be posting like a zillion pictures on here shortly, that is my favorite thing to do, taking pictures. I recently went to Calgary and took my digital SLR camera as well as my little digital point-and-shoot with me. I took some amazing photographs of the mountains, of the Banff Springs Hotel (inside & out), of my parents, of my brother & his girlfriend, of so many moments that I thought were amazing. The trip was amazing, I loved every second. It ended crappy though, my bag that I kept my cameras and cell phone in were stolen :(
I reported it to the police and the hotel is currently putting in a claim with their insurance as the bag was taken from the Hyatt Regency hotel room. 
The good thing about the situation is that I now have an even better camera, a way-cool phone, and a great story to tell in the future. I wouldn't trade that trip in for anything, and I owe it all to my bro & Mo :)

Well, this is my first blog, and if there is actually anyone reading this I promise that I will make it more interesting and worth your while next time.