Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cole's 10th Birthday, Part Two.

Today was Cole's 'friend' party. Unfortunately 2 of his friends cancelled at the last second but they will pop in over the next week to visit. Cole was a little disappointed but his day went so well that his disappointment disappeared rather quickly!

He had Fergus, Quinn & Alexandria over for lunch and of course Chad :)
They played around with guns for a while before eating Quesilladas and a strawberry shortcake! Cole found a piece of fuzz on his piece of cake and thought that maybe the bakery had added belly button lint to the recipe and therefor grossed out all of his guests.
Time was limited as we had to be on Dundas Street in Mississauga by 2 PM so Cole ripped open all of his presents and then we all hoped into the minivan! All the kids had a great time at Laser Quest playing air hockey, basketball & then a half hour game of Laser Tag, except Chad though. Apparently he didn't realize that it was going to be so dark and that there was 3 levels of glow in the dark 'scariness'! Fergus came in first place within their group, then Cole, then Quinn, followed by Chad and Alex ended up with a score of -5; I think she was more interested in helping Chad :)
On our way home we stopped at Fergus & Quinns to drop them off, then returned the minivan, ordered pizza and rented a movie which we will be watching shortly. Alexandria is spending the night and we will be heading to Aurora in the morning to take her home.
Cole had a fabulous day, he is in love with all of his gifts and more than thankful.