Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cole's 10th Birthday. Part One.

Cole's Nanny & Papa came down to visit for the night last night to be with Cole in celebrating his birthday, a little earlier than his actual birthday but they are busy over the next few weekends. We had French Onion soup for starters, at Cole's request, it's his favorite appetizer. Followed by Rainbow Trout and baked Potatoes :) MMmmm, sometimes I surprise myself :)

Of course we had Angel Cake covered in a delectably creamy chocolate icing and then Cole opened his gift that he had been waiting so long to do. He wanted an iShuffle, and that is what he received so he was very happy with that. I was planning on getting the boys an iPod Classic each for Christmas and this now challenges my idea.
Later on in the evening we put on a movie and chit-chatted throughout, laughing and giggling like we were all 10 years old. Bedtime was at 2 AM and we woke at 9 AM. Eggs Benedict for breakfast, shortbread for a snack and about an hour looking at many pictures of Calgary that my parents brought me.
All in all it was a fabulous visit, never long enough and Cole is a very happy camper. After my parents left (in the freshly fallen snow) that is one thing Cole did mention: "Why is it that I feel sad every time people leave?"