Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflecting back just for a moment - 2009

Sitting at my desk. The fire is roaring within the wood stove which sits in front of our front window framing the barn atop the hill. The sun has just set and it's lightly snowing. Supper is cooking on the stove. The hockey game is playing in the background while the Beatles puzzle is being put together, and my boys..... I hear them upstairs - giggling, playing, enjoying life.

This is what I am thankful for today and every day.

Looking back at 2009:

  • My amazingly beautiful and talented boys, they breathe life into my soul each and every day.
  • Our family as a whole, we complete each other.
  • Mom, Dad, brother and sister - we are a part of each other, always.
  • Our friends, we are truly blessed.
  • New friends made, particularly from school - a beautiful soul.
  • My journey in becoming a Doctor of Homeopathy began and so my dreams are being fulfilled.
  • Travelled across the country to Alberta and back with my parents was an experience I will not soon forget. From swimming in the mountains, to exploring prehistoric fossils, to crashing a wedding party to staying at the Banff Springs Hotel, to a quiet moment under the stars in the mountains at two in the morning eating flour-less chocolate cake with my Mom - A surreal experience. I am truly blessed to have been a part of the experience and am forever grateful and thankful.
  • A flight out to Calgary to accompany my parents on yet another visit to see my brother. A hug, even just for that reason would have been just enough to go out there and back.
  • Attending the birth of my nephew, for that I am thankful to my sister for having me be a part of such an extraordinary and spectacular event.
  • Attending the births of the many thoroughbreds here on our farm - to help bring a life into this world with my own hands..... inexplicable.
  • My amazing canine family members. Everyday they make me smile, I can only hope that I do the same for them :)
  • Growing our own vegetables throughout the Summer and Fall, there is nothing like pulling fresh heirloom vegetables from the ground and serving them minutes after.
  • I am truly blessed with how I am able to raise our beautiful boys ALL on our own and am SO very lucky to have the family that I surrounded by.

Welcome 2010.


Sam said...

Wonderful, thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have heaps to be thankful for :)