Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Drive from Ontario through Manitoba, Saskatchewan and into Calgary.

July 12/09 - My Mom, Dad and I, at 6 AM, started our journey form Ontario to Calgary. It took us three days to drive there as we wanted to take in the scenery and enjoy the drive. On day one we made it to Thunder Bay. The drive was perfect as was the weather. Upon arrival we stopped at the Terry Fox Monument which took my breath away. Looking up in awe at the bronze statue of Terry was an experience I can not put into words. What an amazing human being.
Day 2 started again at 6 AM, we made a quick stop at Kakabeka Falls just outside of Thunder Bay as we had heard so much about how beautiful the terrain was and then made our journey out of Ontario, through Manitoba and into Saskatchewan where we ended in Regina. We spent some time in the Casino before collapsing in our beds late that evening.
Day 3 stated yet again at 6 AM. We made it to Alberta in good time and loved the city of Medicine Hat, arriving in Calgary around 2:30 PM.

FINALLY seeing my brother since early January was AMAZING!! We were all so glad to be together :)

Kakabeka Falls

Terry Fox Monument

Moose in Northern Ontario

What most of Saskatchewan looked like.