Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Growing Challenge - Week One

The Challenge: Grow one additional type of fruit or vegetable than you did last year, and grow it from seed. Post about your gardening experience once each week.

The Goal: To push ourselves to grow a little more food than we have before.

The Challenger: One Green Generation

Week One:

It is good to be alone in a garden at dawn or dark so that all its shy presences may haunt you and possess you in a reverie of suspended thought. 
 ~James Douglas, Down Shoe Lane

Welcome to my newest vegetable and fruit garden. Hubby and I created these rows last spring to add even more to our existing garden. We also added 2 herb gardens and a strawberry/sweet pea garden each for the boys. We will be adding wood edging to the rows this spring to help with keeping the grass out of the soil as much as possible.

The above vegetable garden we put in 2 and a half years ago. We will be adding a wall of lattice on the far north end, framed in, to help with wind gusts and for our climbing vegetables to grow up.

Right now the gardens look rather BORING, and DEPRESSING, but spring is fast approaching and I can NOT wait to start preparing, digging, raking, planting, weeding, watering!!

I am currently waiting for my seed order to arrive from the Cottage Gardener located in Newtonville, Ontario. They have a fantastic selection of certified organic seeds and many heirloom varieties. 

Here are my order details:

  • Gypsywort *New addition
  • Bull's Blood Beets *New addition
  • Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts *New addition
  • Arugula *New addition
  • The Cottage Gardener's Gourmet Heirloom Leaf Lettuce
  • Bleu de Solaise Leek *New addition
  • British Wonder Pea
  • Red Opal Basil
  • The Cottage Gardener's Coloured Carrot Mix
  • New Zealand Spinach
  • Petit du Rennes - Melon
  • Blanche du Quebex - Tomato

The above garden is part of one of the flower gardens, in the shade today (The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow). I will order organic seeds next month to prepare, but for now I am focused on the fruits and vegetables.

'Happy Gardening Thoughts', see you here next week :)

God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done. 


Christine G said...

Hi Sherri,
I just dropped by to visit your blog and this is the very first post I'm reading. I am always embarrassed to admit that I hate gardening. It doesn't fit with my personality or my philosophy of eating very well at all. However, I am very inspired by your post. I could do ONE thing more than I have done in the past (which is usually just a few herbs and cherry tomatoes). I'm feeling so empowered, I almost want to rush right out and chip out some frozen dirt to plant something. :)